Covid 19 & Wellness

We have always taken the safety of our staff and customers extremely seriously and tried to achieve what we would consider a gold standard for the industry. In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic this has never been more important. We are opening with the same philosophy that has always under-pinned health and safety and hygiene at Bastion: we work extremely hard behind the scenes to make everything as safe for our staff and customers as possible, so that when you come and sit in our restaurants everything will feel as normal as possible.

The fundamental principles that underpin government guidance are that the low contagion risks associated with Covid-19 in restaurants are best diminished further via social distancing, face coverings, enhanced hygiene, specific risk assessments and careful management of our workforce – for example with enhanced hygiene training and daily health checks for staff.

As well as following all these guidelines we have worked with health and safety consultants to develop a Covid-safe standard for Bastion restaurant that we believe also represents a gold standard and on which we are audited by Environmental Health Officers. This includes regular disinfecting of surfaces and key hand contact points throughout the restaurant.

We want you to feel as relaxed and content as possible at Bastion. Please see some of our key request below.

  • We ask that you follow the latest government advice on wearing a face mask when entering and moving around the restaurant.
  • We ask that you show up on time for your reservation and please respect the table time limit that would have been agreed to at time of booking. (this ensures we have adequate time to clean your table for the next guest)
  • Please take all personal items with you upon vacating the restaurant such as disposable masks and tissues for example.
  • Please avoid coming to the counter to pay your bill, we are happy to bring the bill and credit card machine to your table.

Our experience is that customers appreciate Bastion doing what it has always done and offering people a haven from the outside world, where you can enjoy your meal with the people you’re eating and drinking with without being confronted by a sterile environment or having our extensive regime to ensure your wellbeing too overt.

As you no doubt know the rules around being Covid-secure are regularly changing and can be difficult to keep up with. We’re grateful for your understanding as we adapt, for your kindness to our staff and for the changes that you are also having to make in our restaurants. Most of all we’re grateful for your support.

Helen & Paul